Daily News 9/2/2011

  • Netflix stock dropped after it was reported that a renegotiation deal with Starz fell through meaning Netflix would not be showing Sony’s catalog. Watch The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Blade II while you can people.
  • Researchers are working on a concept of net flinging rockets which will collect space debris in Earth’s lowest orbit. Researchers got the idea from every single movie set in a jungle.
  • A judge has ordered a new perjury trial for former major league pitcher Roger Clemens who is accused of lying about steroids under oath. Clemens’ only defense may be that the catcher signaled him to do it. 
  • A McDonald’s in Encinitas, California was gutted by a fire early this morning. It seems fair considering all the people who have been gutted as a result of McDonalds.
  • Controversy over Chaz Bono’s casting on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars has some people saying that a transgendered woman shouldn’t be on the show. Pair Bono with gay cast member Carson Kressley. 
  • Rick Perry is in support of the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, even going so far as to write a letter to legislators on the matter. Reports are that the letter was either A or T.
  • Tom Jones was hospitalized on Sunday for dehydration. The dehydration was apparently a result of crying tears of joy at a Barry Manilow concert.
  • Jaleel White, known for playing Steve Urkel on Family Matters, will play a prison inmate next season on the show House. White’s character asks ‘Did I do that?’ and a jury of his peers said ‘Yes’. 
  • The US Postal Service announced that Marilyn Monroe will be on a stamp commemorating director Billy Wilder. When asked why Monroe was on the stamp the Postmaster General stated ‘Our postmen find it hard to jerk off to a picture of Billy Wilder’.
  • TNT has canceled the Jada Pinkett-Smith series ‘HawthoRNe’ after two season. Pinkett-Smith is still awaiting word if she will be released from her other contract on the live show ‘Beard’. 
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